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Aside from academic and social concerns, traditional school can also usher in some unexpected logistical challenges including waking up early, catching the school bus and managing time during tests. Laura Brodie, an English professor who decided to homeschool her middle daughter for fifth grade in an effort to [her] a break from the usual routine, made it a point to keep up with the fifth grade math and science curricula, because she knew that her daughter would be returning to the classroom after a year. Still, upon her return, Brodie daughter Julia scored a D on her first math test..

UTUADO, Puerto Rico Carmen Rodrguez Santiago counts herself lucky to have any water service at home. But eight months after Hurricane Maria, the 52 year old security guard said the faucets in her cream and pink colored house still run dry every two to three days, and the water, when it returns, is flecked with sediment. Island has been restored to more than 96 percent of customers as of June 6, but the report of progress masks underlying problems.

La mia ricerca si è sviluppata in molteplici direzioni, in paesi diversi, in culture remote e alternative. Ma sarebbe rimasta incompleta e improponibile se non avessi trovato lui, vivo o morto. Sinché, dopo tentativi e peripezie, sono riuscito a scovarlo, in Perù, nella stanza di un ospizio di Lima, dove viveva da recluso, malato e in terribile indigenza.

E’ il novembre del 2014 quando i Kiss atterrano in elicottero direttamente sul tetto del famigerato Hard Rock Hotel Casino di Las Vegas, impazienti di esibirsi nella Città del Peccato per nove date. Due anni dopo quell’incredibile show, entrato di diritto nella storia del rock, sbarca nelle sale cinematografiche italiane con interviste e filmati esclusivi. E’ Kiss Rocks Vegas, l’evento che raccoglierà i fan di tutto il mondo per celebrare la band che con più di 100 milioni di dischi venduti, 30 album d’oro e 14 di platino, ha conquistato più premi di ogni altro gruppo americano, diventando uno dei più influenti di tutta la storia del rock.

I think and the president has said the lone actor, the individual that is out there that might decide to carry out an attack, either with an IED or with a weapon or a gun, these are this is a concern of ours. And it’s sometimes more difficult to detect because an individual can do this on their own, in their house, and plot and plan and scheme and acquire materials, and then just one day decide to get up and, you know, carry out an attack. We had an instance yesterday in Carson City, Nev., where someone just decided to open up with an automatic weapon and unfortunately killed several individuals.

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